Have you got a suitable present for a birthday, anniversary, Holy Communion, confirmation, Easter or perhaps Christmas?

How about a voucher for the lessons of language school Krauß?

We inform you with pleasure.


Language school Krauß
Ingeborg Krauß
Muensterstreet 20
77694 Kehl

Phone +49.7851.483899



Experience of learning


Raffle and toy market in our house, language school Krauß Neumühl

When: Nov. 6th until – Nov. 15th 2017
Where: In Kehl-Neumühl, Münsterstr. 20

Opening hours:
Monday:  4 p.m. until 5 p.m.
Wednesday:  2.15 p.m. until 3.15 p.m.
Thursday: 6.30 .p.m. until 7.30 p.m.
or arrangements on the phone.

We would be glad to get a donation which we take until Nov. 3rd 2017.
Please don’t bring us shoes, clothes and books for adults.
Thank you.
Every number will win a price. It’s worth it.!

Interesting journeys 2018:

Experiences in London

02.03.2018 - 05.03.2018 – Kent the garden of Great Britain
leading group journey beginning in Stuttgart

14.05.2018 - 18.05.2018 – leading group journey beginning in Stuttgart.

Both journeys will be accompanied of the writers of the training books Autumn Years

Information and booking by phone, in writing or online
bel-Journeys (bel-Reisen), Echterdinger Str. 53, 70794 Filderstadt,
Tel. 07 11 – 3 27 09 77 or www.belreisen.de

Better in English and French

Crash courses in English and French

fit for a secondary school
for special examinations

We also teach commercial English.

                        Dates as agreed

We learn languages with great joy.

Foreign languages for the ages of Kindergarten

Foreign languages for small children –
                                     in a playing way

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News courses will start in a short time.

There are only a few seats left.
We are looking forward to your call.

We advice you with pleasure.

Learning English and French with great joy

> for children from the age of 4
> for young persons  - private lessons
> Adults and seniors too. 
In little groups, single lessons by popular request.

                        We gladly advice you. Please call us under +49.78 51.48 38 99.

Crash courses in English und French

Who would like to brush up the knowledges?

We would be happy to advice you.

We also offer in our teaching program:

Private lessons in French and English.

We are a powerful team!

Please have confidence in
our experience of 16 years.

Ingeborg Krauß   Chantal Durringer

We would be happy to advice you. Please call us.

New courses will start in a short time.

Just enroll for a course without obligations.

For further informations we offer our services with pleasure.